Ingrid's Haven - A no-kill, non-profit cat shelter in Victoria, Australia.
Mynwood Cat Jackets - Original, escape-proof and safe.
Creatures Corner News - A monthly publication, devoted to the health and well-being of animals.
Blessing The Bridge - Animal Hospice.
Blessing The Bridge - Animal Hospice.
Dogs Across Australia - Support your rescue shelters.
Jenvin Emporium - Specialising in animal memorabilia.
Pets Haven - First Option Is Adoption, Animal Shelter in Victoria, Australia.
Personal Ponies Ltd - Shetland ponies making magic in children's lives.
Green Pet - Natural Healthcare for Animals.
Animals In Our Hearts - Nurturing the people who love, serve, and grieve animals.
TATIANNA - Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend.
Animal Voices.Net - Connecting at deeper levels with animals, nature, self and spirit.
Soul Companions - Facilitation of companion animal grief and animal communication.
Special Friends - Pet Cremation.
Capall Bann Publishers - See some of Ann's books that have been published previously.
Helena Hawley - Intuitive vocal sound healing.
Marta Williams - Published Author and Animal Communicator.
Cats Of Australia - Cat Advice, Cat Information, Cat Pictures, Cat Forums.
Lavender Passion - Lavender Products - Fine Art .
BusyHive Botanicals - Crystals, handmade skincare, books and more .
Louise Pakeman - Ann Walker also writes as Louise Pakeman.
Ann Walker's Blog - Read Ann's Blog, a new topic each month.

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